Freight and delivery info

Do you deliver to where I live?

Sure we do!  We're a small company based in New Zealand but we deliver to every country. If you've got an address we deliver.

How long?

How long does it take to MAKE my order?

We make your blocks as fast as we can but usually it takes between 3 and 5 working days.

How long will it take to DELIVER my order?

Once your order has been made it takes
1-2 days within New Zealand (using signature required courier)
5-10 business days outside New Zealand (using global airmail, with no tracking)

Some destinations outside NZ may take longer than the time specified here, depending on the local postal service in your country.

How much ?

That depends on what you order and where you live.

New Zealand freight costs

A flat rate of $7.  That's right, you can order 50 blocks and it'll still only cost $7 so go on.... 

International freight costs

This is calculated at the checkout using the weight of your order and the region you live in.
To find out how much the blocks weigh see our specifications page.
You may be liable for tax on your order in your country.