Photo Size guidelines

Print sizes

We want you to get the best result possible by using a decent size image. We've put a clever safe guard in place to prevent you from uploading a very small file but if you want to make an X-large block we strongly suggest you check your image size is in the optimum range in the table below.

File SizeImage Size (pixels)SmallLargeX-Large
50kb 640 x 480   Not Usable  
100kb 800 x 600      
150kb 1024 x 768   Low Quality  
200kb 1260 x 960      
350kb 1600 x 1200   Good  
700kb 2048 x 1536      
1.1MB 2400 x 1600   High Quality  
2MB 2832 x 2128      

Note: file sizes for different images will vary depending on the image compression.